What One Should Know About Penis Envy Mushroom : Mysterious History

Penis Envy Mushroom for Sale

The Penis Envy Mushroom for Sale pressure is one this is shrouded in thriller. Strange, seeing as its eponymous shape is some thing however mysterious. It is a far looked for shroom — now no longer only for its novel appearance — you see, it’s also acknowledged to be one of the maximum strong lines of the Psilocybe cubensis genus. So, we recognise that it looks as if a penis. And, we recognise that as a Psilocybe kind mushroom it’s far hallucinogenic. In fact, many in-the-recognise say it’s one of the first-rate cubensis around…But what else will we recognise approximately this cult-favored magic mushroom?

Mysterious Origins of Penis Envy Mushroom for Sale

Well its records is patchy, at first-rate. The mycologist John Allen proposes that the fore-bearers of the Penis Envy had been located through brothers Terence and Dennis McKenna. This might were withinside the early Seventies in the course of an day trip to the Amazon. The tale is going that they had been looking for a mysterious shaman withinside the rainforest, once they got here throughout the (relatively) towering phallic mushroom developing out of a few Zebu livestock dung. Impressed, and possibly amused, through its shape, they made a factor of amassing a number of its spores to convey domestic to the USA.

A Phallic Obsession

Penis Envy Mushroom for Sale : The subsequent scrap of a hearsay we ought to pass on is this: famed mycologist Steven Pollock gets a spore pattern labelled ‘Amazonian’ through one Terence McKenna. Without an awful lot idea, he sprinkles them right into a jar of manure (as a mycologist I wager you simply have them mendacity around…) and units them apart to develop. Now Pollock turned into exceedingly properly versed in fungi of all kinds (he had even been the primary to discover the Psilocybe tampanesis), however even he turned into flabbergasted through the looming shroom that grew from his jar. Now, let’s be honest — all mushrooms appearance a piece penis-like — however this one, Pollock ought to see, with a piece of assist from his gene-setting apart mycology skills, will be absolutely NSFW. This have become his obsession. Slaving over the mushroom, most effective choosing the most important and maximum phallic he ought to harvest from every crop, he finally finished his goal.

He sliced off the cap, as an alternative like a pseudo circumcision. Then he took a spore print, which he published to the country of Washington. Very quickly after this Pollack turned into murdered in extraordinarily suspicious circumstances. In the years since, this tragedy has most effective stronger the thriller and rumour that surrounds the Penis Envy mushroom.

A Sighting Of The Elusive Shroom

Not lengthy after Pollock’s dying mycologist Richard Gee, acquired the so-loved spore print withinside the mail. It turned into absolutely labelled ‘Penis’. Gee, every other man or woman we recognise little or no approximately, seemingly saved his new acquisition sequestered in secrecy, ‘perfecting’ it similarly through making it even extra penis-y ( ? ). For years, as not anything extra turned into stated of the Penis Envy pressure. Those who had heard the rumours assumed that it had died with Pollock. However, in a ee-e book self-posted through Gee, a few extraordinarily recognisable phallic fungi may be visible at the the front cowl itself, developing in a tank. Although the ee-e book mentions exactly not anything approximately the Penis pressure, this inadvertent (or turned into it?) pictorial proof allows us hint this mushroom’s murky timeline.

The Secret Was Out

Penis Envy Mushroom for Sale : Eventually, simply over two decades after Pollock’s premature demise, mycologists started to acquire spores and samples from Gee of his now-perfected baby. Very speedy the Penis Envy mystery turned into out.

Confusingly, the surviving McKenna brother, Dennis, denies any duty for the shroom. But the legends persist…

Due it’s lab-grown origins it’s far dubious that a Penis Envy mushroom will be located withinside the wild, not to mention that it can survive. However, this doesn’t suggest which you won’t want to discover it one day… So let’s test out the stats of this younger mutant.

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Vital Stats: How To Spot Penis Envy Mushroom for Sale!

To discover a Psilocybe cubensis ‘Penis Envy’, test out the following:

Cap: Dome-shaped. Unlike everyday P. cubensis the cap doesn’t generally tend to open, having been bred to hold the maximum penis-like form possible. Colour varies from mild golden to cinnamon brown.

Gills: Like a everyday cubensis in theory, but the malformed mini-cap and engorged stem suggest they generally tend to develop tightly packed. The gills darken in coloration when/if it produces spores.

Spores: Due to it being a mutation, maximum Penis Envy shrooms are (ironically) sterile, which means they do now no longer produce spores. You can acquire spores, in case you are lucky, through rubbing a q-tip or comparable at the gills in the cap.

Stem: (or stipe) Very thick in comparison to a everyday cubensis. Fleshy and white to cream in coloration. Some were stated to develop as much as 12 inches.

Taste and Smell: The flavor and scent of the Penis Envy is similar to Psilocybe cubensis — defined as farinaceous which means ‘containing starch’. Apparently just like freshly floor flour.

Can I devour it? : It is edible, however hallucinogenic. Penis Envy mushrooms are idea to be as much as 50% stronger than everyday Psilocybe cubensis. So continue with as much as 50% extra caution.

Find it: You won’t discover it withinside the wild. This shroom can most effective in reality be sold or gifted.

When: If your PF Tek situations are perfect, all 12 months round.

Family: Hymenogastraceae

Genus: Psilocybe

Species: cubensis

Strain: Penis Envy!


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